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TPAC F2F October 2015

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Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 29 October:

  • Part I Agenda, Model of CSS Houdini
  • Part II Properties and Values, Paint API
  • Part III Scrolling, Typed OM, Worklets/Whatever They're Called, Next F2F


Sapporo, Japan at the Sapporo Convention Center, room TBD


Doodle Link: indicate your availability at

(alphabetical by family name)

Name Preferred Date Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Rossen Atanassov Thu and/or Fri CSSWG F2F ?? ?? ??
Peter Linss Fri CSSWG F2F ?? ?? ??
Florian Rivoal Wednesday Sunday Saturday (or later) ?? ??
Alan Stearns Any Saturday Saturday ?? ??
Steve Zilles Fri Sunday Saturday Mercure Sapporo All Nippon Airways 290


  • Properties and values
  • Processors aka Isolated Workers, aka Worklets
  • Paintlets
  • Scrolllets
  • Progress on typed OM
  • The model
  • Next f2f goals