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Toronto F2F June 2019

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  • Worklet

    • cheaply passing binary data to worklets, and the implications on P&V and TypedOM
    • #872: Supporting postMessage on worklets
    • #869 [css-animationworklet] Sending data to animators in worklet from main thread (here since it is closely related to the above)
  • Paint

    • #877: [css-paint-api] Cycle possible using inputProperties()
    • #899: [css-typed-om] Opaque font P&V type for PaintWorklet font rendering.
  • Layout

    • #844: Unregistered layout function and blockification
    • #898: Design to allow for more layout engine optimizations
  • Animation

    • #850: Avoid StatefulAnimatior/StatelessAnimator superclass and use existence of state() function
  • Proposals for new specs

    • #857 Custom functions for modifying CSS values
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