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[css-multicol-1] Clarify when column-span:all creates a formatting co…


Closes #1074
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frivoal committed Apr 5, 2017
1 parent 28d97e0 commit a8634b96900279916bd6c505fda88dda71d8ec51
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@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ Previous Version:
Previous Version:
Previous Version:
Editor: Håkon Wium Lie, Opera Software,
Editor: Florian Rivoal, On behalf of Bloomberg,
Abstract: This specification describes multi-column layouts in CSS, a style sheet language for the web. Using functionality described in the specification, content can be flowed into multiple columns with a gap and a rule between them.
Link Defaults: css-color (property) color, css21 (property) max-height, css-backgrounds-3 (value) hidden
@@ -945,17 +946,18 @@ Spanning columns</h2>
element is automatically balanced across all columns before the
element appears. The element establishes a new block formatting

Note: The element establishing a formatting content does not
depend of whether the element is a descendent of a multicol or not.
When 'column-span' is ''column-span/all'', it always does.
This helps with robustness of designs to later revisions
that remove the multicol,
or when media queries turn the multicol off in some situations.

An element that spans more than one column is called a
<dfn export>spanning element</dfn> and the box it creates is called a <dfn export>spanner</dfn>.

This property has no effect on elements that do not fit entirely
within the multicol element. Also, if a setting on this property pushes the
element outside a multicol element, this property will have no effect.

<div class="example">
In this example, an <code>h2</code> element has been added to the
sample document after the sixth sentence (i.e., after the word "jkl."). This styling applies:

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