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[css-logical-1] Define 'inset properties' here because it's not defin…

…ed anywhere else yet. :/
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fantasai committed Sep 10, 2018
1 parent e645418 commit c715eb8ccd22aed700e07922dac6aa1057ba11ac
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@@ -442,6 +442,11 @@ the 'margin-block-start', 'margin-block-end', 'margin-inline-start', 'margin-inl
Flow-relative Offsets:
the 'inset-block-start', 'inset-block-end', 'inset-inline-start', 'inset-inline-end' properties and 'inset-block', 'inset-inline', and 'inset' shorthands</h3>
The 'top', 'left', 'bottom', 'right' physical properites,
their 'inset-block-start', 'inset-block-end', 'inset-inline-start', 'inset-inline-end' flow-relative correspondants,
and the 'inset-block', 'inset-inline', and 'inset' shorthands,
are colectively known as the <dfn export>inset properties</dfn>.
<pre class="propdef">
Name: inset-block-start, inset-block-end, inset-inline-start, inset-inline-end
Value: <<'top'>>

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