DPUB Specific WCAG Client Side Scripting

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These WCAG Techniques are currently under review by the Digital Publishing Interest Group's Accessibility Task Force. Any changes marked are a draft and are NOT approved by the DPUB Accessibility Task Force and the WCAG Working Group

Client Side Scripting Techniques

Technique Applies to DPUB Owner Comments
SCR01: Allowing the user to extend the default time limit Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 TestTaking issues need to be addressed. Definitely for readers/clients, not sure if applicable for content.
SCR02: Using redundant keyboard and mouse event handlers Yes MiaL also more for clients, but also within content for highliighting/bookmarkinng etc.
SCR14: Using scripts to make nonessential alerts optional Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 Test taking warning, asides, etc... Having a hard time thinkinng of a use case; might be no.
SCR16: Providing a script that warns the user a time limit is about to expire Yes MiaL applicable for reader/client, possible for content as well
SCR18: Providing client-side validation and alert Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 for reader/client
SCR19: Using an onchange event on a select element without causing a change of context Yes MiaL if there is dynamically updating content
SCR20: Using both keyboard and other device-specific functions Yes MiaL reader/client, but content must support
SCR21: Using functions of the Document Object Model (DOM) to add content to a page Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 this seems too web-specific, thoough the general concept seems applicable.
SCR22: Using scripts to control blinking and stop it in five seconds or less Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 I think blinking content should prohibited. Would a Dpub contain it anyway? If so, we shoould discuss. Didn't want to say no outright yet though.
SCR24: Using progressive enhancement to open new windows on user request Not Applicable A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 too web-specific. Though new windows should be generated, I don't think this is about progressive enhancement for DPUB.
SCR26: Inserting dynamic content into the Document Object Model immediately following its trigger element Yes MiaL Assuminng this occurs in DPUB documents.
SCR27: Reordering page sections using the Document Object Model Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 Log in to book as Teacher/Student. Need use case for DPUB
SCR28: Using an expandable and collapsible menu to bypass block of content Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15
SCR29: Adding keyboard-accessible actions to static HTML elements Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15
SCR30: Using scripts to change the link text Not Applicable MiaL
SCR31: Using script to change the background color or border of the element with focus Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 Readder/client providing user connntrol of colors?
SCR32: Providing client-side validation and adding error text via the DOM Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15
SCR33: Using script to scroll content, and providing a mechanism to pause it Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 reader/client controlled
SCR34: Calculating size and position in a way that scales with text size Yes MiaL
SCR35: Making actions keyboard accessible by using the onclick event of anchors and buttons Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 too web specific, but conncept makes sense for interactive content.
SCR36: Providing a mechanism to allow users to display moving, scrolling, or auto-updating text in a static window or area Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15 reader/client featurre
SCR37: Creating Custom Dialogs in a Device Independent Way Yes A11Y Meeting 4/10/15

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