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(issue #966) updating the definition of dcat resource in section 5

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riccardoAlbertoni committed Jul 3, 2019
1 parent 903789d commit 5b7b843c1f68aa6dd31eaaf664410406acc3023c
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@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ <h3>DCAT scope</h3>
<a href="#Class:Catalog"><code>dcat:Catalog</code></a> represents a catalog, which is a dataset in which each individual item is a metadata record describing some resource; the scope of <code>dcat:Catalog</code> is collections of metadata about <b>datasets</b> or <b>data services</b>.
<a href="#Class:Resource"><code>dcat:Resource</code></a> represents an individual item in a catalog.
<a href="#Class:Resource"><code>dcat:Resource</code></a> represents a dataset, a data service or any other resource that may be described by a metadata record in a catalog.
This class is not intended to be used directly, but is the parent class of <a href="#Class:Dataset"><code>dcat:Dataset</code></a>, <a href="#Class:Data_Service"><code>dcat:DataService</code></a> and <a href="#Class:Catalog"><code>dcat:Catalog</code></a>.
Member items in a catalog should be members of one of the sub-classes, or of a sub-class of these, or of a sub-class of <a href="#Class:Resource"><code>dcat:Resource</code></a> defined in a DCAT profile or other DCAT application.
<a href="#Class:Resource"><code>dcat:Resource</code></a> is effectively an extension point for defining a catalog of any kind of resource.

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