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@rdeltour rdeltour released this Mar 18, 2019

Total Downloads of EpubCheck 4.2.0-rc

This is a release candidate of the forthcoming EPUBCheck v4.2.0, which provides support for checking conformance to EPUB 3.2. This version is intended to be used for testing and preparing the update in production workflows.

EPUBCheck v4.2.0-rc features complete support for the EPUB 3.2 family of specification. The changes since the last beta release include support for remote fonts, remote resources in scripts, checking the reading order in the Navigation Document, extended support to HTML’s picture element and srcset attribute, as well as various other bug fixes and small improvements (see details below).

Two new localizations have been added: Danish (thanks @MyDK!) and Traditional Chinese (thanks @bobbytung!).

This release was made by the DAISY Consortium, for the W3C. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially to @mattgarrish for all the pull request reviews, and to the translators team!

This EPUBCheck version is also available in the Maven Central Repository as org.w3c:epubcheck:4.2.0-rc.


  • allow fonts to be remote resources (4d5a5a9), closes #871 #672
  • allow remote resources in scripted content (1c90ae9), closes #869
  • check duplicate IDs in the OCF encryption file (cab45e6), closes #306
  • check image sources in picture and srcset (11bf628), closes #781
  • check that toc & page-list nav are in reading order (8ba384f), closes #888
  • disallow remote links in toc/landmarks/page-list nav (dd0805f), closes #890
  • report use of non-preferred Core Media Types (ab13779), closes #873

Bug Fixes

  • allow epub:type on all HTML elements (2cafe64), closes #986
  • allow ARIA role doc-glossary on section elements (0d9462f), closes #997
  • allow images to point to SVG fragments (18afa9d), closes #987
  • ignore SVG view fragments when checking cross refs (50b29f1), closes #987
  • localize singular/plurals variants in summary (93b700f), closes #958
  • parse CSS custom properties (0036e93), closes #790
  • report all epub:type value checks as USAGE (f248483), closes #1009
  • report duplicate landmarks nav entries as ERROR (d7be97c), closes #298
  • revert FXL SVG rules to EPUB 3.0.1’s logic (ced3c15)
  • revert the deprecation of display-seq (f81d8b8), closes #990
  • script data blocks don’t need to be declared (05e5ac2)
  • support ARIA global attributes in SVG (56ebcd8), closes #846


Note: the new messages introduced in v4.2.0 are not localized yet.

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