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.github Copy ISSUE_TEMPLATE from csswg-drafts repository. Nov 29, 2016
compositing-1 General: Apply 'Work Status' Dec 5, 2018
compositing-2 General: Apply 'Work Status' Dec 5, 2018
css-masking-1 [fill-stroke][css-masking-1] Update computed value lines to reference… Jul 19, 2019
custom Fix executable bits (static files shouldn't be executable). Oct 2, 2016
fill-stroke [fill-stroke-3] Define <<svg-paint>> values as an ambiguous image URL… Jul 19, 2019
filter-effects-2 Merge pull request #342 from mfreed7/master Jun 21, 2019
filter-effects Link to crossorigin attr in HTML LS Jun 24, 2019
geometry [geometry] Remove redundant originZ check Jun 28, 2019
matrix Add some missing w3cids of editors. Jul 3, 2018
motion-1 [motion] Editorial: Replace animatable by Animation type Dec 16, 2018
web-anim [web-animations] Add redirects to new spec Sep 16, 2014
web-animations update name Aug 22, 2016
.hgtags Added tag filters-cvs-import for changeset 916184271e55 Apr 11, 2011 Adding baseline May 23, 2018 Update web-platform-tests URLs Jun 12, 2018 Added missing legal and patent policy information Jun 8, 2017
README.markdown trivial change to reset tip after branch close Nov 10, 2018
csslogo.ico Add CSS logo to FX repo. Oct 5, 2013
default.css [default.css] Sync with CSSWG's default.css. Aug 3, 2016
w3c.json Updated repo config Oct 17, 2018


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