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Makes canonical a standard rel token (#872)

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LJWatson committed Apr 6, 2017
1 parent 2605ce7 commit 07e9d9aaeb52920e9cd993c9d04c5996a30219c0
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@@ -696,6 +696,7 @@
<{link/rel}>'s <a>supported tokens</a> are the keywords defined in <a>HTML link types</a> which
are allowed on <{link}> elements, impact the processing model, and are supported by the user
agent. The possible supported tokens are <code>alternate</code>,
<a><code>dns-prefetch</code></a>, <code>icon</code>, <a><code>preconnect</code></a>,
<a><code>prefetch</code></a>, <a><code>prerender</code></a>, <code>search</code>,
<code>stylesheet</code> and <code>next</code>. <{link/rel}>'s <a>supported tokens</a> must only

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