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Add the <iframe> allowpaymentrequest attribute (#743)

The `allowpaymentrequest` attribute is used by the Payment Request API
to determine if Document objects in an `iframe` element's browsing
context are to be allowed to make payment requests.

See w3c/payment-request#311
See also w3c/payment-request#359
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sideshowbarker authored and stevefaulkner committed Dec 6, 2016
1 parent c3b9eeb commit 22b46719e9c380b1f3bea4ee5c9e5a5ab01c0f5a
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  1. +5 −0 sections/infrastructure.include
  2. +15 −0 sections/semantics-embedded-content.include
@@ -1358,6 +1358,11 @@
* <dfn>Is environment settings object a secure context?</dfn>
: Payment Request API
:: The following term is defined in the <cite>Payment Request API</cite> specification: [[!PAYMENT-REQUEST]]
* <dfn><code>PaymentRequest</code></dfn> interface
: MathML
:: While support for MathML as a whole is not required by this specification (though it is
encouraged, at least for Web browsers), certain features depend upon small parts of MathML
@@ -3584,6 +3584,9 @@ My &lt;img src="heart.png" alt="heart"&gt; breaks.
<dd><{iframe/sandbox}> - Security rules for nested content</dd>
<dd><code>allowfullscreen</code> - Whether to allow the <code>iframe</code>'s
contents to use <code>requestFullscreen()</code></dd>
<dd><{iframe/allowpaymentrequest}> - Whether the <code>iframe</code>'s
contents are allowed to use the <a><code>PaymentRequest</code></a> interface
to make payment requests</dd>
<dd><code>width</code> - Horizontal dimension</dd>
<dd><code>height</code> - Vertical dimension</dd>
<dt>Allowed <a href="#aria-role-attribute">ARIA role attribute</a> values:</dt>
@@ -3601,6 +3604,7 @@ My &lt;img src="heart.png" alt="heart"&gt; breaks.
attribute DOMString name;
[SameObject, PutForwards=value] readonly attribute DOMTokenList sandbox;
attribute boolean allowFullscreen;
attribute boolean allowPaymentRequest;
attribute DOMString width;
attribute DOMString height;
readonly attribute Document? contentDocument;
@@ -4024,6 +4028,14 @@ My &lt;img src="heart.png" alt="heart"&gt; breaks.
<hr />
The <dfn element-attr for="iframe"><code>allowpaymentrequest</code></dfn>
attribute is a <a>boolean attribute</a>. When specified, it indicates that
{{Document}} objects in the <{iframe}> element's <a>browsing context</a>
are to be allowed to use the <a><code>PaymentRequest</code></a> interface
to make payment requests.
<hr />
The <{iframe}> element supports <a>dimension attributes</a> for cases where the
embedded content has specific dimensions (e.g., ad units have well-defined dimensions).
@@ -4066,6 +4078,9 @@ My &lt;img src="heart.png" alt="heart"&gt; breaks.
must <a>reflect</a> the <code>allowfullscreen</code>
content attribute.
The <dfn attribute for="HTMLIFrameElement"><code>allowPaymentRequest</code></dfn> IDL
attribute must <a>reflect</a> the <code>allowpaymentrequest</code> content attribute.
The <dfn attribute for="HTMLIFrameElement"><code>contentDocument</code></dfn> IDL attribute must
return the {{Document}} object of the <a>active document</a> of the <{iframe}> element's
<a>nested browsing context</a>, if any and if its <a for="concept">origin</a> is the

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