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Fix #428 (#923)

This requires resource requests (for media) the end-up in the
resource fetch algorithm but are attached to a media provider
object or have a URL whose object is a media provider object
(e.g., URL.createObjectURL() from a media provider like a Blob)
to not delay the load event. These resources are treated as non
network providers and thus don't delay the load event.
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travisleithead committed Jun 5, 2017
1 parent 06c014d commit 4556dc52c4ff8e74504a480b1da942a26807f556
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  1. +3 −0 sections/semantics-embedded-content.include
@@ -6709,6 +6709,9 @@ zero or more <{track}> elements, then
Otherwise, if the data stream is pre-decoded, then the format is the format given by the
relevant specification.
Set the element’s [=delaying-the-load-event flag=] to false. This stops
[=delay the load event|delaying the load event=] when the resource is local.
Whenever new data for the <var>current media resource</var> becomes available, <a>queue
a task</a> to run the first appropriate steps from the <a>media data processing steps
list</a> below.

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