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[t] (2) Clarify hgroup's definition

Affected topics: HTML

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commit 45e3e47cfbc1807825a07582092238707aa9a20d 1 parent 89d8c4e
ianh authored silviapfeiffer committed
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@@ -17962,8 +17962,10 @@ isn't his only passion. He also enjoys other pleasures.</p>
<dt><span title="element-dfn-dom">DOM interface</span>:</dt><!--TOPIC:DOM APIs-->
<dd>Uses <code>HTMLElement</code>.</dd>
- <p>The <code>hgroup</code> element <span>represents</span> the heading of a section. The element
+ <p>The <code>hgroup</code> element <span>represents</span> the heading of a section,
+ which consists of all the <code>h1</code>&ndash;<code>h6</code> element children of the <code>hgroup</code> element. The element
is used to group a set of <code>h1</code>&ndash;<code>h6</code> elements when the heading has
multiple levels, such as subheadings, alternative titles, or taglines.</p>
@@ -86850,6 +86852,7 @@ setTimeout({ toString: function () {
close the browsing context.</p>
<h3>System state and capabilities</h3>
<h4>The <code>Navigator</code> object</h4>
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