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disabilities, should find conforming user agents to be more usable.
: <cite>Polyglot Markup: HTML-Compatible XHTML Documents</cite> [[HTML-POLYGLOT]]
:: <blockquote>
A document that uses polyglot markup is a document that is a stream of bytes that parses
into identical document trees (with the exception of the xmlns attribute on the root
element) when processed as HTML and when processed as XML. Polyglot markup that meets a
well defined set of constraints is interpreted as compatible, regardless of whether they are
processed as HTML or as XHTML, per the HTML specification. Polyglot markup uses a specific
DOCTYPE, namespace declarations, and a specific case &mdash; normally lower case but
occasionally camel case &mdash; for element and attribute names. Polyglot markup uses lower
case for certain attribute values. Further constraints include those on empty elements,
named entity references, and the use of scripts and style.
: <cite>HTML Accessibility APIs Mappings 1.0</cite> [[!html-aam-1.0]]
:: <blockquote>
Defines how user agents map HTML 5.1 elements and attributes to platform accessibility APIs.

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