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Remove ambiguity around last frame time for media's seekable attribute (

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travisleithead authored and chaals committed May 22, 2017
1 parent 9d53a34 commit 5164f74a5543bb674f304a9536a3d8cf04ddb38c
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  1. +5 −6 sections/semantics-embedded-content.include
@@ -8405,9 +8405,8 @@ zero or more <{track}> elements, then
If the user agent can seek to anywhere in the <a>media resource</a>, e.g.,
because it is a simple movie file and the user agent and the server support HTTP Range requests,
then the attribute would return an object with one range, whose start is the time of the first
frame (the <a>earliest possible position</a>, typically zero), and whose end is the same as
the time of the first frame plus the <code>duration</code> attribute's
value (which would equal the time of the last frame, and might be positive Infinity).
frame (the <a>earliest possible position</a>, typically zero), and whose end is the
time of the last frame.
<p class="note">
@@ -8498,7 +8497,7 @@ zero or more <{track}> elements, then
video.videoTracks.onaddtrack = function (event) {
if (event.track.kind == 'sign') {
var sign = document.createElement('video');
sign.src = url + '#track=' +;
sign.src = url + '#track=' +;
sign.autoplay = true;
@@ -11557,7 +11556,7 @@ red:89
The <dfn element-attr for="area"><code>coords</code></dfn> attribute must, if specified,
contain a <a>valid list of floating-point numbers</a>. This attribute gives the coordinates for the shape
described by the <code>shape</code> attribute.
described by the <code>shape</code> attribute.
The processing for this attribute is described as part of the <a>image map</a> processing model.
In the <dfn state for="area" lt="Circle state|circle state">circle state</dfn>, <{area}> elements must
@@ -11990,7 +11989,7 @@ red:89
<strong>Author requirements</strong>: The
<dfn element-attr for="media,img,iframe,embed,object,video,input"><code>width</code></dfn> and
<dfn element-attr for="media,img,iframe,embed,object,video,input"><code>height</code></dfn> attributes
<dfn element-attr for="media,img,iframe,embed,object,video,input"><code>height</code></dfn> attributes
on <{img}>, <{iframe}>, <{embed}>, <{object}>, <{video}>, and, when their <code>type</code> attribute
is in the <{input/Image|Image Button}> state, <{input}> elements may be
specified to give the dimensions of the visual content of the element (the width and height

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