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fixes #474
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stevefaulkner committed Apr 9, 2017
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@@ -4425,6 +4425,12 @@ ldh-str = &lt; as defined in <a>RFC 1034 section 3.5</a> &gt;
See <a href="#only-contemporary-times">the note on historical dates</a> in the
<{input/DateTime|Date and Time}> state section.
<p class="warning">Applications need to use care when working with <code>datetime-local</code> values,
since most date time objects (in languages such as JavaScript or server-side languages such as Java) use
incremental time values tied to the UTC time zone. Implicit conversion of a floating time value to an incremental
time can cause the actual value used to be different from user expectations.
For more information, refer to: [timezone]</p>
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