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[Bug 19253] i18n-ISSUE-198: rt and rp elements. Clarify language.

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commit 6b284107feab5267292377504977b37ca0a4d0f9 1 parent d4234bf
@erikadoyle erikadoyle authored
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@@ -24836,7 +24836,7 @@ wormhole connection.&lt;/mark>&lt;/p></pre>
<li>One or the other of the following:
<ul class="brief">
<li>One or more <code>rt</code> elements
- <li>An <code>rp</code> element followed by one or more <code>rt</code> elements, each of which is itself followed by an <code>rp</code> element
+ <li>An <code>rp</code> element followed by one or more <code>rt</code> elements, followed by another <code>rp</code> element

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