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Added about:html-kind URL for MP4 media track integration. (#575)

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adanilo authored and stevefaulkner committed Oct 4, 2016
1 parent 2bc7f6c commit 8209cefa44492ab1aa5ca8ad229ae0a29ede2d77
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@@ -3223,6 +3223,10 @@
though unresolvable, <a scheme><code>about:</code></a> URL, for use in <a>DOCTYPE</a>s in <a>HTML documents</a>
when needed for compatibility with XML tools. [[!RFC6694]]
This specification defines the URL <dfn><code>about:html-kind</code></dfn> as a reserved,
though unresolvable, <code data-x="about protocol">about:</code> URL, that is used as an
identifier for kinds of media tracks. [[!RFC6694]]
This specification defines the URL <dfn scheme><code>about:srcdoc</code></dfn> as a reserved, though
unresolvable, <a scheme><code>about:</code></a> URL, that is used as <a>the document's address</a> of
<a lt="iframe srcdoc document"><code>iframe</code> <code>srcdoc</code> documents</a>. [[!RFC6694]]
@@ -10760,6 +10760,14 @@ red:89
when the display is updated, since <code>timeupdate</code> events
are rate-limited.)
<h5 id="identifying-a-track-kind-through-a-url">Identifying a track kind through a URL</h5>
Other specifications or formats that need a <span>URL</span> to identify the return values of
the <code data-x="dom-AudioTrack-kind">AudioTrack.kind</code> or <code
data-x="dom-VideoTrack-kind">VideoTrack.kind</code> IDL attributes, or identify the <span
data-x="text track kind">kind of text track</span>, must use the <code>about:html-kind</code>
<h5 id="user-interface">User interface</h5>
The <dfn element-attr for="mediaelements,video,audio"><code>controls</code></dfn> attribute is a

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