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allow headings in legend elements

fixes #724 thanks @DavidMacDonald
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stevefaulkner committed Dec 1, 2016
1 parent b8d4d88 commit 943d518284f1a027c7ccfa889ec510ccb6f2f60c
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@@ -9812,7 +9812,7 @@ out of 233 257 824 bytes available</meter></p>
<dt><a>Contexts in which this element can be used</a>:</dt>
<dd>As the first child of a <{fieldset}> element.</dd>
<dt><a>Content model</a>:</dt>
<dd><a>Phrasing content</a>.</dd>
<dd><a>Phrasing content</a> and headings(<{h1}>-<{h6}> elements).</dd>
<dt><a>Tag omission in text/html</a>:</dt>
<dd>Neither tag is omissible</dd>
<dt><a>Content attributes</a>:</dt>

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