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[Bug 19207]: i18n-ISSUE-194: Multiple sequential rt elements

Address inconsistency in the spec.
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1 parent f9deb93 commit d4234bf5b7050853638fada729797561739c115f @erikadoyle erikadoyle committed
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@@ -25360,7 +25360,7 @@ wormhole connection.&lt;/mark>&lt;/p></pre>
<p>An <code>rt</code> element <span class="impl">that is a child of
a <code>ruby</code> element</span> <span>represents</span> an
- annotation (given by its children) for the zero or more nodes of
+ annotation (given by its children) for the one or more nodes of
phrasing content that immediately precedes it in the
<code>ruby</code> element, ignoring <code>rp</code> elements.</p>

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