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Allow <link rel=apple-touch-icon sizes=…> (#757)

LGTM thanks @sideshowbarker
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sideshowbarker authored and stevefaulkner committed Dec 21, 2016
1 parent f6f92ba commit df48fb163133e98f0381a0af584c42461aefcdda
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@@ -650,7 +650,11 @@
The <code>sizes</code> attribute is used with the <code>icon</code> link type. The attribute must
not be specified on <{link}> elements that do not have a <{link/rel}> attribute that
specifies the <code>icon</code> keyword.
specifies the <code>icon</code> keyword or the <code>apple-touch-icon</code> keyword.
Note: The <code>apple-touch-icon</code> keyword is a registered <a lt="extensions to the
predefined set of link types">extension to the predefined set of link types</a>, but user agents
are not required to support it in any way.
<div class="impl">
The <a>activation behavior</a> of <code>link</code> elements that create <a>hyperlinks</a> is to

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