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[giow] (3) Better match reality, however weird it is.

Affected topics: HTML

git-svn-id: 340c8d12-0b0e-0410-8428-c7bf67bfef74
(cherry picked from commit 7c4aeeb)

make <embed> loading async
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commit e719d654424fc097635130e448eb68bc28f2635e 1 parent 9b423e0
ianh authored silviapfeiffer committed
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@@ -27241,6 +27241,7 @@ of various sizes."></strong></pre>
<li>The element is <span>being rendered</span>, or was <span>being rendered</span> the last time the <span>event loop</span> reached step 1.</li>
<p>Whenever an <code>embed</code> element that was not <span
title="concept-embed-active">potentially active</span> becomes <span
title="concept-embed-active">potentially active</span>, and whenever
@@ -27249,8 +27250,15 @@ of various sizes."></strong></pre>
title="concept-embed-active">potentially active</span> and has its
<code title="attr-embed-type">src</code> attribute set, changed, or
removed or its <code title="attr-embed-type">type</code> attribute
- set, changed, or removed, the appropriate set of steps from the
- following list applies:</p>
+ set, changed, or removed, the user agent must <span>queue a task</span>
+ using the <dfn>embed task source</dfn> to run the following steps:</p>
+ <ol>
+ <li><p>If another <span title="concept-task">task</span> has since been queued to run these steps
+ for this element, then abort these steps.</p></li>
+ <li>
<dl class="switch">
@@ -27296,6 +27304,10 @@ of various sizes."></strong></pre>
+ </li>
+ </ol>
<p>Whenever an <code>embed</code> element that was <span title="concept-embed-active">potentially
active</span> stops being <span title="concept-embed-active">potentially active</span>, any
<span>plugin</span> that had been instantiated for that element must be unloaded.</p>

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