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updated allowed roles on caption element

reflects normative conformance definition in fixes #272
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stevefaulkner committed Sep 11, 2016
1 parent edc08fe commit ef36909584ac8c2fbd136b5d0a3f84d1a5b141d5
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@@ -632,11 +632,9 @@ side in the right column.</p>
<dt><a>Content attributes</a>:</dt>
<dd><a>Global attributes</a></dd>
<dt>Allowed <a href="#aria-role-attribute">ARIA role attribute</a> values:</dt>
<dd><a href="#allowed-aria-roles-states-and-properties">Any role value</a>.</dd>
<dt>Allowed <a href="#state-and-property-attributes">ARIA state and property attributes</a>:</dt>
<dd><a>Global aria-* attributes</a></dd>
<dd>Any <code>aria-*</code> attributes
<a href="#allowed-aria-roles-states-and-properties">applicable to the allowed roles</a>.</dd>
<dt><a>DOM interface</a>:</dt>
<pre class="idl" data-highlight="webidl" dfn-for="HTMLTableCaptionElement">

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