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Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) 2.0 Test Suite

This is the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) 2.0 test suite. ITS 2.0 and this test suite have been developed by participants of the W3C MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group . Please provide comments on ITS 2.0 and the test suite on the ITS Interest Group mailing list

Further information about the test suite is available in test-suite-howto.html (also avail. as PDF) in this directory and in the nif-conversion subdirectory.

Licensing Information

The following files are available under the W3C Test Suite License

Validating Input Test Files

Validating XML test files

Validating HTML test files

Validating all test files

  • Make sure that XML and HTML validation described above works for you

  • Run 'ant' command in its2.0 directory

  • Please note that HTML schema doesn't supports RDFa so RDFa attributes are reported as errors

  • Please note that currently Schematron validation is not performed so some errors are not detected

Validating Output Test Files

To validate test suite output files simply compile the test suite dashboard (this will only work if you have java installed and saxon downloaded):

Explanations of states :

  • N/A = the implementer did not commit to run the test.
  • OK = the output file is identical to the reference output file.
  • error = an error occurred, e.g. the output file is not available or it is not identical to the reference output file. Move the mouse over error to see details.
  • fnf: the output file from the implementer has not been found.

Validating NIF output files

Note: The conversion to NIF is not a normative part of the ITS 2.0 specification. Prerequisites: Java and Unix Shell

  • create a temporary folder for output files (hence called $datafolder)
  • read ITS files from "its2.0/nif-conversion/input/" one by one, convert to NIF and write output files in turtle to $datafolder
  • go to directory cd its2.0/nif-conversion/sparqltest
  • run : ./ ../relative/pathTo/$datafolder

Explanations of output:

  • If no message appears between "Running: test1.sparql" and "Done: test1.sparql" the test was successfull.
  • Otherwise the output filename and additional debug output is shown.


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