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Add privacy section for shortcuts member (#896)
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aarongustafson committed Jun 22, 2020
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<a data-lt="within scope of a manifest">within the application's
scope</a> that opens when the associated shortcut is activated.
Privacy and security considerations
It's conceivable that any {{ShortcutItem/url}} could be crafted to
indicate that the application was launched from outside the browser
(e.g., `"url": "/task/?from=homescreen"`). It is also conceivable
that developers could encode strings into the {{ShortcutItem/url}}
that uniquely identify the user (e.g., a server assigned
<abbr>UUID</abbr>). This is fingerprinting/privacy sensitive
information that the user might not be aware of.
<section data-dfn-for="ShortcutItem" data-link-for="ShortcutItem">
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