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+# Contributing
+Everyone is welcome to contribute to this specification.
+Any simple editorial contribution can simply be done with a GitHub Pull Request.
+You can even do an inline edit of the file on GitHub.
+For more substantial contributions that, please first start a thread in the
+[webapps mailing list]( at
+the W3C.
+Note: The [Web Applications Working Group](
+operates under the [W3C Patent Policy which](
+/Patent-Policy-20040205/) aims to enable implementations of W3C Recommendations
+without the need to pay royalty fees. If you want to make contributions that can
+be used in normative parts of our specifications, we require you to [make the
+appropriate licensing commitments](
+# Style guide to contributors
+- the spec uses [ReSpec](
+- the spec is tidied using [HTML5 Tidy]( For
+instructions on running HTML5 tidy, see below.
+- put comments in front of sections, for better readability with
+ syntax coloring editors
+# Running HTML5 Tidy
+Please make sure you have HTML5 tidy installed, instead of
+the the one that ships with *nix systems. You can comfirm this by running:
+tidy --version #HTML Tidy for HTML5 (experimental) for ...
+Once you have confirmed (make sure you have committed your changes before
+running tidy, as the changes are destructive ... in a good way:)):
+tidy -config tidyconfig.txt -o index.html index.html

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