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aboba commented Sep 22, 2014

One of the assumptions of WebRTC is that DTLS, STUN/TURN and RTP and/or RTCP can be multiplexed over the same port. The description of how the multiplexing works is contained in draft-petithuguenin-avtcore-rfc5764-mux-fixes yet this document is not referenced in any RTCWEB WG work item.

To make it clear that this draft needs to be implemented, I'd propose to add the following text to Section 2.2:

"In order to enable multiplexing of DTLS and STUN/TURN with RTP and/or RTCP, implementations must support [MUX-FIXES]."

M. Petit-Huguenin; G. Salgueiro. Multiplexing Scheme Updates for Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) Extension for Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). 2 July 2014. Internet Draft (work in progress). URL:

aboba commented Sep 22, 2014

Since [MUX-FIXES] is not yet a WG work item, a normative reference is probably pre-mature, so how about the following revised-text:

"Since the DTLS negotiation occurs between transport endpoints determined via Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), implementations of this specification MUST support multiplexing of STUN, TURN, DTLS and RTP and/or RTCP. This multiplexing, originally described in [RFC5764] Section 5.1.2, is being revised in [MUX-FIXES]."

ibc commented Sep 22, 2014

It is perfect IMHO.

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aboba commented Sep 30, 2014

Also recommend adding the following text to Section 16.1:

Via the use of [BUNDLE] it is possible for WebRTC 1.0 implementations to multiplex audio and video on the same RTP session. Within ORTC API, equialent behavior can be obtained by constructing multiple RTCRtpReceiver and RTCRtpSender objects from the same RTCDtlsTranport object. As noted in [RTP-USAGE] Section 4.4, support for audio/video multiplexing is required, as described in [RTP-MULTI-STREAM].

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Robin Raymond Address questions about RTCDtlsTransport.start(), as noted in: Issue #…

Address questions about RTCRtpCodecCapability.preferredPayloadType, as noted in: Issue #147
Address questions about RTCRtpSender.setTrack() error handling, as noted in: Issue #148
Partially address 'automatic' use of scalable video coding (in RTCRtpReceiver.receive()) as noted in: Issue #149
Renamed RTCIceListener to RTCIceGatherer as noted in: Issue #150
Added text on multiplexing of STUN, TURN, DTLS and RTP/RTCP, as noted in: Issue #151
Address issue with queueing of candidate events within the RTCIceGatherer, as noted in: Issue #152
Clarify behavior of RTCRtpReceiver.getCapabilities(kind), as noted in: Issue #153
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