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aboba commented Oct 27, 2014

For WebRTC 1.0, https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-rtcweb-video Section 5.2 specifies the relevant parameters for H.264.

Within the ORTC API draft, Section describes the supported H.264 parameters (max-recv-level and packetization-mode).

Rather than including its own set of parameters, the ORTC API should reference draft-ietf-rtcweb-video Section 5.2 and sync up with it.

aboba commented Oct 29, 2014

The proposed revision is as follows: H.264

The following capabilities are defined for H.264, as noted in [RFC6184] Section 8.1, and [RTCWEB-VIDEO] Section 5.2.

Property Name Values Notes
profile-level-id unsigned long
This parameter, defined in [RFC6184] Section 8.1, is mandatory to support, as noted in [RTCWEB-VIDEO] Section 5.2.

packetization-mode sequence
A sequence of unsigned shorts, each ranging from 0 to 2, indicating supported packetization-mode values. As noted in [RTCWEB-VIDEO] Section 5.2, support for packetization-mode 1 is mandatory.

max-mbps, max-smbps, max-fs, max-cpb, max-dpb, max-br unsigned long
As noted in [RTCWEB-VIDEO] Section 5.2, these optional parameters allow the implementation to specify that they can support certain features of H.264 at higher rates and values than those signalled with profile-level-id.

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@robin-raymond robin-raymond pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 22, 2015
Robin Raymond Updated Section 8.3 to reflect proposed matching rules, reflecting:

Update to the Statistics API, reflecting:

Update on 'automatic' use of scalable video coding, as noted in:

Update to the H.264 parameters, as noted in:

Update to the 'Big Picture', as noted in:

Added support for maxptime, as noted in:

Changed 'RTCIceTransportEvent' to 'RTCIceGathererEvent' as noted in:

Update to RTCRtpUnhandledEvent as noted in:

Added support for RTCIceGatherer.state as noted in:

Revised the text relating to RTCIceTransport.start() as noted in:

Added text relating to DTLS interoperability with WebRTC 1.0, as noted in:

Revised the text relating to RTCDtlsTransport.start() as noted in:

Clarified handling of incoming connectivity checks by the RTCIceGatherer as noted in:

Added a reference to the ICE consent specification, as noted in:
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