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aboba commented Feb 9, 2015

The current ORTC API document does not define capabilities and settings for DTMF (RFC 4733). This should be added to Section 9.3.2.

Useful properties would include ptime as well as the DTMF Named Events supported (e.g. 0-15).

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aboba commented Feb 9, 2015

Proposed solution is to add a section DTMF

The following capabilities are defined for DTMF, as noted in [RFC4733] Section 2.4:

Property Name Values Notes
events DOMString An indication of what telephony events are supported (or configured). Events are listed as one or more comma-separated elements. Each element can be either a single integer providing the value of an event code or an integer followed by a hyphen and a larger integer, presenting a range of consecutive event code values. The list does not have to be sorted. No white space is allowed in the argument. The union of all of the individual event codes and event code ranges designates the complete set of event numbers supported by the implementation.

aboba commented Mar 11, 2015

Slight update to the text: change "capabilities" to "capabilities and settings".

@robin-raymond robin-raymond pushed a commit that referenced this issue Mar 25, 2015
Robin Raymond - Added Section 8.3.1 on RTP matching rules, as noted in: Issue #48
- Revised the text relating to RTCDtlsTransport.start(), as noted in: Issue #168
- Clarified pruning of local candidates within the RTCIceGatherer, as noted in: Issue #174
- Clarified handling of incoming connectivity checks by the RTCIceGatherer, as noted in: Issue #170
- Added Section, defining DTMF capabilities and settings, as noted in: Issue #177
- Clarified pre-requisites for insertDTMF(), based on: Issue #178
- Added Section 8.3.2 and updated Section 9.5.1 to clarify aspects of RTCP sending and receiving, based on: Issue #180
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