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Section 2.3

[Constructor(RTCIceTransport transport)]
interface RTCDtlsTransport : RTCStatsProvider {
readonly attribute RTCIceTransport transport;
readonly attribute RTCDtlsTransportState state;
RTCDtlsParameters getLocalParameters ();
RTCDtlsParameters? getRemoteParameters ();
sequence getRemoteCertificates ();
void start (RTCDtlsParameters remoteParameters);
attribute EventHandler? onerror;

[BA] The stop() method and ondtlsstatechange event handlers are missing. What happened to them?

Section 5.3

interface RTCIceGatherer {

[BA] Since RTCIceGatherer provides statistics, this should be:
interface RTCIceGatherer : RTCStatsProvider {

Section 13

The Statistics API enables retrieval of statistics relating to RTCRtpSender, RTCRtpReceiver, RTCDtlsTransport, RTCIceTransport and RTCSctpTransport objects.

[BA] RTCIceGatherer should also be listed as an object providing statistics.

Section 13.3.2

ICE local candidates, related to the RTCIceTransport objects. It is accessed via the RTCIceCandidateAttributes defined in [WEBRTC-STATS] Section 5.8.

[BA] Actually, ICE local candidates are related to the RTCIceGatherer objects.

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