RTCIceGatherPolicy harmonization with WebRTC #224

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stpeter commented Jul 24, 2015

ORTC has:

enum RTCIceGatherPolicy {

WebRTC has:

enum RTCIceTransportPolicy {

Consistency might be desirable with respect to "none" vs. "nohost".

aboba commented Sep 21, 2015

In the current API, an RTCIceGatherer is constructed from the RTCIceGatherPolicy, but there is no method to change the RTCIceGatherPolicy after construction. As a result, an RTCIceGatherPolicy of "none" could not be changed to another value. Also, there is no way to change the iceServers once an RTCIceGatherer is constructed. So I think there is a bigger issue here.

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@robin-raymond robin-raymond reopened this Sep 21, 2015

This RTCIceTransportPolicy is a transport policy not a gather policy. This is not a gather policy. If we were to have RTCIceTransportPolicy it would be on the IceTransport not on the IceGatherer.

aboba commented Dec 16, 2015

In WebRTC 1.0 there an open issue (see: w3c/webrtc-pc#384 ), relating to harmonizing RTCIceTransportPolicy.none with the values defined in draft-ietf-rtcweb-jsep Section 4.1.1, which does not include “none” but does include “public”, which is defined as follows:

“Candidates with private IP addresses [RFC1918] will be filtered out. This prevents exposure of internal network details, at the cost of requiring relay usage even for intranet calls, if the NAT does not allow hairpinning as described in [RFC4787], section 6.”

aboba commented Dec 17, 2015

Since "none" has now been removed from WebRTC 1.0 RTCIceTransportPolicy, I would like to close this issue and open another one related to sync'ing the new "public" setting in RTCIceTransportPolicy.

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@aboba aboba reopened this Mar 16, 2016
aboba commented Mar 16, 2016

The following WebRTC 1.0 PR will remove RTCIceTransportPolicy.public:

Note that "all" no longer includes addresses that have been filtered by the browser.

@aboba aboba added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 17, 2016
@aboba aboba Remove "public" from RTCIceGatherPolicy
Fix for Issue #224

Related WebRTC 1.0 PR: w3c/webrtc-pc#544
@robin-raymond robin-raymond was assigned by aboba Mar 21, 2016
aboba commented Mar 21, 2016

@robin-raymond - can you review whether this issue is fixed and can be closed?

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