Stats API: spelling differences between WebRTC 1.0, ORTC and WebRTC-Stats #229

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aboba commented Aug 29, 2015

From Philipp Hancke:

In the Stats API, type=outboundrtp is used in webrtc-stats, but outbound-rtp is used in webrtc-pc and ORTC.

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jan-ivar commented Sep 1, 2015

It is my understanding from conversations that "outboundrtp" is newer. @alvestrand would know for sure. It's also what's implemented in Firefox.


"outboundrtp" is what's in the stats document at the moment.

If I remember rightly, we got dinged for using dash-separated-words instead of using wordsthatallruntogether, and we switched to the prevalent "web platform style".

aboba commented Sep 11, 2015

Proposal is to change "outbound-rtp" to "outboundrtp" as recommended by the Stats API authors.

@robin-raymond robin-raymond pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 21, 2015
Robin Raymond Added support for the WebRTC 1.0 certificate management API, as noted…
… in: Issue #195

Added certificate argument to the RTCDtlsTransport constructor, as noted in: Issue #218
Added the "failed" state to RTCDtlsTransportState, as noted in: Issue #219
Changed getNominatedCandidatePair to getSelectedCandidatePair, as noted in: Issue #220
Added support for WebRTC 1.0 RTCIceCredentialType, as noted in: Issue #222
Clarified behavior of createAssociatedGatherer(), as noted in: Issue #223
Changed spelling from "iceservers" to "iceServers" for consistency with WebRTC 1.0, as noted in: Issue #225
Added support for SCTP port numbers, as noted in: Issue #227
Changed "outbound-rtp" to "outboundrtp" within the Statistics API, as noted in: Issue #229
Changed maxPacketLifetime and maxRetransmits from unsigned short to unsigned long, as noted in: Issue #231
Clarified DataChannel negotiation, as noted in: Issue #233
Added getContributingSources() method, as noted in: Issue #236
Fixes to Examples 5 and 6, as noted in: Issue 237 and Issue #239
Fixed cut and paste errors in Example 11, as noted in: Issue #241
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