Opus and other codec specific parameters #258

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We have codec specific capabilities listed (e.g. opus, vp8, H264):

But we have no such table(s) for codec parameters...

We need to list out exact parameters that an engine is expected to support.

Also for RTX / FEC codecs too (if applicable)...

aboba commented Oct 25, 2015

The text states that the capabilities and parameters are the same.


Is this always true that they are identical?


A: No, they are not the same always thus capabilities and settings should be distinct entries. Also important to define is this is a sender cap/receiver cap and/or sender param/receiver param for each.


VP8 is currently a capability parameter, should also be a codec parameter (just like Opus)
H264 ^^^^

i.e. COPY them to codec parameters, and make it sender/receiver labelled

@aboba aboba added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 8, 2015
@aboba aboba Cleanup of Opus settings

Removed stereo and spropStero settings (can be handled by channels)
Removed maxAverageBitrate (can be handled via maxBitrate)
@aboba aboba closed this Dec 20, 2015
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