Remote peer ICE-lite implementation #293

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aboba commented Dec 3, 2015

As noted in JSEP Section 5.1.2, "the remote endpoint may use a Lite implementation; implementations
MUST properly handle remote endpoints which do ICE-Lite."

WebRTC 1.0 handles this by allowing an a=ice-lite line in a Remote Description. How is the equivalent functionality supported in ORTC API?

aboba commented Dec 3, 2015

A potential approach:

partial dictionary RTCIceParameters {
boolean? iceLite;

iceLite of type boolean, nullable
Whether ICE lite is supported (true) or not (false). If unset, ICE lite is not supported. Since browsers support full ICE, getLocalParameters().iceLite must not be set. This attribute is only set in remote parameters signaled by a remote peer (such as a gateway) that only supports ICE lite.

@aboba aboba added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 22, 2015
@aboba aboba Support for remote peer ICE-lite implementation
In WebRTC 1.0, an a=ice-liteline can be provided to setRemoteDescription() to indicate that the remote peer only supports ICE-lite.  This patch provides the equivalent capability in ORTC API, providing a fix for Issue #293
@aboba aboba closed this Jan 6, 2016
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