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aboba commented Feb 18, 2014

This section needs to be reworked. Currently it does not appear consistent with the figure in Section 1 or Section 10 relating to SCTP transport, since the data channel is constructed from an RTCDtlsTransport.

aboba commented Feb 20, 2014

Proposed fix:
RTCDataChannel constructed from RTCSctpTransport object
ondatachannel on RTCSctpTransport for incoming data channel

@aboba aboba closed this Apr 3, 2014
@robin-raymond robin-raymond pushed a commit to robin-raymond/ortc that referenced this issue Apr 12, 2014
Robin Raymond Support for contributing source information added, as described in w3…

Support for control of quality, resolution, framerate and layering added, as described in
RTCRtpListener object added and figure in Section 1 updated, as described in w3c#32
More complete support for RTP and Codec Parameters added, as described in w3c#33
Data Channel transport problem fixed, as described in w3c#34
Various NITs fixed, as described in w3c#37
Section 2.2 and 2.3 issues fixed, as described in w3c#38
Default values of some dictionary attributes added, to partially address the issue described in w3c#39
Support for ICE TCP added, as described in w3c#41
Fixed issue with sequences as attributes, as described in w3c#43
Fix for issues with onlocalcandidate, as described in w3c#44
Initial stab at a Stats API, as requested in w3c#46
Added support for ICE gather policy, as described in w3c#47
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