ICE restart needed #59

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Need a way to do ICE restart, proposal is:

  1. setRemoteCandidates with empty list, effectively disconnects ICE, allows you to change local priorities because not in discovery mode
  2. setRemoteCandidates with full list after causes fresh checks to restart over again

I'm not convinced that this is needed. I can see how it might be wanted, but not needed.

But if it is included, tweaks on the remote side won't have the desired effect. Changes need to be local too. In a restart, as defined by 5245, the local ufrag and pwd change. To do that, maybe you should make a new ICEListener and push that in somehow.

@robin-raymond robin-raymond added the 1.1 label Apr 29, 2014

Discussion was held here:

And decision (thus far) is that nothing is truly needed to add to API surface. Create "brand new" RTCIceListener/RTCIceTransport pair to do restart.

We should have an example of ICE restart in specification somewhere.

@robin-raymond robin-raymond pushed a commit to robin-raymond/ortc that referenced this issue May 14, 2014
Robin Raymond - ICE restart explanation added, as described in Issue 59

-Fixes for error handling, as described in Issue 75

- Fixes for miscellaneous NITs, as described in Issue 76

- Enable retrieval of the SSRC to be used by RTCP, as described in Issue 77

- Support for retrieval of audio and video capabilities, as described in Issue 81

- getStats interface updated, as described in Issue 82

- Partially addressed SVC issues described in Issue 83

- Partially addressed statistics update issues described in Issue 85
juberti commented May 15, 2014

I don't think this is sufficient given the need for TransportController and freezing policy. The TransportController really needs to be able to redo its thing, suggesting that ICE restart needs to be internal to an IceTransport rather than configured externally. (Unless we want to go down the route of having multiple TCs, which starts getting into questionable territory).

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