RTCIceRole redundancy removal nit #73

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We had in the spec the RTCIceRole being specified twice, once in constructor and once in start method. It's truly optional (conflict can resolve) although recommended to set so not sure why we need it mandatory in constructor too.

[Constructor(optional RTCIceListener iceListener), 
     Constructor(RTCIceOptions options)]
interface RTCIceTransport {
    void                      start (RTCIceParameters remoteParameters, optional RTCIceRole role);
    void                      stop ();
@robin-raymond robin-raymond added the 1.1 label Apr 29, 2014
@robin-raymond robin-raymond changed the title from RTCIceRole redundancy removal to RTCIceRole redundancy removal nit Apr 29, 2014
@robin-raymond robin-raymond pushed a commit to robin-raymond/ortc that referenced this issue Apr 29, 2014
Robin Raymond - Fixes for error handling, as described in w3c#26
- Support for contributing sources removed (re-classified as a 1.2 feature), as described in w3c#27
- Cleanup of DataChannel construction, as described in w3c#60
- Separate proposal on simulcast/layering, as described in w3c#61
- Separate proposal on quality, as described in w3c#62
- Fix for TCP candidate type, as described in w3c#63
- Fix to the fingerprint attribute, as described in w3c#64
- Fix to RTCRtpFeatures, as described in w3c#65
- Support for retrieval of remote certificates, as described in w3c#67
- Support for ICE error handling, described in w3c#68
- Support for Data Channel send rate control, as described in w3c#69
- Support for capabilities and settings, as described in w3c#70
- Removal of duplicate RTCRtpListener functionality, as described in w3c#71
- ICE gathering state added, as described in w3c#72
- Removed ICE role from the ICE transport constructor, as described in w3c#73
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