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Welcome to the personalization-semantics wiki! Feel free to see our Getting started with personalization semantics page

Current work

Task list for semantics

user needs collections

Architectural issues

Comparison of ways to use vocabulary in content

Privacy Implications

Work and priorities

  • priority 1. semantics (and we need to close the prefix)
  • priority 1.2 . user needs : a,collect and b, allow to standardize in interoprable way user needs do they map to media queries what can we pick from where,
  • priority 2 do we need to look at architectures beyond what we have


note we want to make a publication every three months if possible, but there are our committed publications our last publication was in April, and hope that the next will be module 1 and explainer in July

committed publications

  • Oct 2018 (WD Module 1 & Explainer) - note can make a second WD Module 1 & Explainer if needed 2 month later (dec 2018 - so if we have not worked out implementations we have more time

  • Oct 2018 (FPWD Module 2&3) - note These need to be published with the explainer next draft (These are still early drafts so we do not think we need to worry too much.

  • Feb 2019 (CR Module 1 & Explainer)

  • June 2019 (PR Module 1 & Explainer)

  • Nov 2019 (CR Module 2)

  • April 2020 (PR Module 2)

  • Nov 2020 (CR Module 3)

  • April 2021 (PR Module 3)

Key actions

  • Sharon: logs (includes the steps and other related attributes)
  • Becky: help type, including moreinfo ,Extra help ,help type
  • Thadd: reminders and messages

Some useful links


WCAG 2.1

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