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* Move the statement that click/contextmenu are NOT compat mouse events out of note and into normative part of the spec

* Make statement about canceling pointerdown to prevent compat mouse events more definitive

not just "certain" compat mouse events. also remove stray spaces.

x-ref #405

* Remove unnecessary mention of PREVENT MOUSE EVENT in default action table

* Tweak the compat mouse events clarification of click/contextmenu

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This repo holds the sources for the Pointer Events spec of the Pointer Events Working Group.

Editing process

  • Edit first, review later: Editors land changes at their discretion, but a change should be reverted if it turns out the change does not reflect the rough consensus of the working group.
  • Test driven: Normative spec changes are generally expected to have a corresponding pull request in web-platform-test/pointerevents. Outstanding test work is tracked via issues in this repository and issues generally remain open until both spec and test changes land.


Implementation status: