epubcheck TF meeting minutes and summaries

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We will make the old Google group read-only and invite all members to join the CG

  • We now have a new Mailing List at public-epubcheck@w3.org
    • Sign up by sending an email with subject "subscribe" or manage your subscription at this page.
  • Old google group will be closed soon.

Updates to GitHub Repo

  • Tobias edited the Work Plan to make it more readable for non-technical people

Milestones and Next Steps

  • Maintenance release is almost ready. Romain and Tobias are finalizing details by mid-November.
  • Day-to-day support for epubcheck issue triage is needed
  • Outstanding issues for EPUB 3.1 support
    • Cleaning test suite - old approach was not working. Require some people with java knowledge. People who know EPUB can work on the EPUBs for now.
    • Complete Diff Document to identify scope of 3.1 support.
    • Create 3.1 tests



Why is no one doing their homework?

  • There is some confusion about what needs to be done
  • Tobias will submit sample PR shortly to demo how to clean up a test file
  • Testers should select the tests that interest them and submit PRs



Updates on action items from last meeting

Test Suite Cleanup

  • Romain wrote instructions for site reorg
  • People with GitHub experience should contact Tzviya to volunteer with site cleanup (timeline: end of July)

Maintenance Release 4.1

  • There are about 15 open issues that must be addressed by one person and reviewed by another before maintenance release. Contact Tzviya to volunteer (timeline: July/Aug 2017)
  • Juli volunteered to help Iris with Marketing around 4.1 rel (timeline: end of July)





Documenting 3.0.1 to 3.1

  • Matt Garrish created a list of changes from EPUB 3.0.1 to 3.1
  • Naomi Kennedy volunteered to log issues related to Packages - will complete by end of June

epubcheck 4.1 Maintenance release

  • The group agreed to release epubcheck 4.1, a maintenance release with no updates for EPUB 3.1
  • Marketing materials MUST include statements that explain that update including 3.1 is coming, ideally with a date

Site and Test Suite cleanup

  • Romain offered overview of needs cleanup needs
  • Tzviya will propose naming convention
  • Brady and Garth will recommend organizational structure
  • Dave will provide minimal EPUB test file
  • Timeline: End of June

Cleaning up each test

  • The goal is to ensure that each test file tests only one thing
  • Tzviya will assign each member of the TF 10 files to review and clean after suite cleanup is complete
  • Romain will provide basic instructions about what to do once basic site cleanup is complete
  • Timeline: mid-July
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