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Repository for EPUB 3 Revisions in W3C

The next revision of EPUB 3 will be EPUB 3.2, which seeks to update EPUB 3.1 to make a successor that is compatible with EPUB 3.0.1 (i.e., that reverts the package document version number change introduced in 3.1).

Creators of EPUB content are advised not to implement 3.1, but to continue to create content compatible with EPUB 3.0.1 until work on EPUB 3.2 is complete.

To participate in this revision, please join the EPUB 3 Community Group.

EPUB 3.2 Revision Documents

Draft Specifications

  1. EPUB 3.2 Specification
  2. EPUB Packages 3.2
  3. EPUB Content Documents 3.2
  4. EPUB Media Overlays 3.2
  5. EPUB Open Container Format
  6. EPUB Accessibility
  7. EPUB 3.2 Overview
  8. EPUB 3.2 Changes from 3.0.1

Draft Core Media Types

  1. EPUB 3 CMTs

Located at:

Draft Vocabularies

  1. EPUB Accessibility Vocabulary
  2. EPUB Manifest Properties Vocabulary
  3. EPUB Meta Properties Vocabulary
  4. EPUB Metadata Link Vocabulary
  5. EPUB Package Rendering Vocabulary
  6. EPUB Spine Properties Vocabulary
  7. EPUB Structural Semantics Vocabulary
  8. EPUB 3 Magazine Navigation Vocabulary
  9. Media Overlays Vocabulary

Located at:

Draft Prefixes

  1. EPUB Packages Reserved Prefixes
  2. EPUB Content Documents Reserved Prefixes

Located at:

Draft Registries

  1. EPUB Collection Roles Registry
  2. EPUB Identifier Schemes Registry
  3. EPUB Optimized Publication Standards Registry
  4. EPUB Publication Types Registry
  5. EPUB Subject Authorities Registry

Located at:

For any further help, contact either Bill McCoy or Ivan Herman.