Shared workspace for EPUB 3 specifications.
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EPUB 3 Community Group Repository - EPUB 3 Revision

Repository for EPUB 3 specification documents of the EPUB 3 Community Group

HTML documents on this repository’s master branch can also be displayed in a browser via the URLs.

EPUB 3.1 Specification

  1. EPUB 3.1 Overview
  2. EPUB 3.1 Specification
  3. EPUB Packages 3.1
  4. EPUB Content Documents 3.1
  5. EPUB Media Overlays 3.1
  6. EPUB Open Container Format

Other EPUB Specifications

  1. EPUB Accessibility
  2. Alternate Style Sheets
  3. Open Annotation in EPUB
  4. Distributable Objects
  5. Scriptable Components
  6. Scriptable Components Packaging and Integration


  1. EPUB Publication Type Registry

For any further help, contact either Bill McCoy or Ivan Herman.