Advanced Hybrid Layouts Working Group

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The Advanced/Hybrid Layouts working group intends to publish a set of modular specifications that extends EPUB3 functionality to better meet the full needs of the ecosystem with regards to user and context adaptation and reading of image-based publications such as comics and magazines.


The Advanced/Hybrid Layouts working group is operating under a charter granted by the IDPF membership.



The AHL specifications are currently Proposed Specifications. Membership review is ongoing.

Future Milestones

The next, and final, projected milestone is publication of Recommended Specifications in the Fall of 2015.

Adoption Readiness Roadmap

Adoption readiness roadmaps are now available for the following specifications:


  • EPUB Multiple Renditions The purpose of this document is to describe how create and use EPUB documents with multiple renditions. This will cover handling publication wide metadata, rendition selection (from multiple renditions in an EPUB container), and navigation between renditions.
  • EPUB Region-Based Navigation The purpose of this document is to describe how guided navigation through one rendition can be implemented using embedded Regions of Interest in the Navigation document. Navigation documents are already defined in EPUB3 content documents and we are extending them for intra-documentation navigation.
  • Magazine Structural Vocabulary
  • Previews in EPUB (use case)



Teleconference calls are no longer being held.

Archived meeting minutes are available.

Face-to-Face Meetings



  • Murata Makoto (JEPA)
  • Matthieu Kopp (Auqafadas)

Working Group

  • Shunichirou Nonaka (Fujifilm)
  • Garth Conboy and/or Brady Duga (Google)
  • Jim Lester (B&N)
  • Brady Kroupa (B&N)
  • Jeff Bell (Microsoft)
  • Seth Seigel-Laddy (Scholastic Media)
  • Tatsuo Heki (Fujifilm)
  • Masao Murata (Fujifilm)
  • King-Wai Chow (ASTRI)
  • Koji Ishii (Rakuten)
  • Youngwan So (Samsung)
  • Yasuki Ikeuchi (ACCESS)
  • Seiji Nagai (ACCESS)
  • Takeshi Kanai (Sony)
  • Arthic Leo A E (Amnet Systems Private Ltd)
  • Vincent Gros (hachette Livre)
  • Casey Dougherty (Apple Inc.)
  • Edward O'Connor (Apple Inc.)
  • Dave Cramer (Hachette Book Group)
  • Luc Audrain (Hachette Livre)
  • Clay White(OverDrive)
  • Jim Dovey (Kobo)
  • Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks)
  • Samuel Petit (Actialuna)
  • Mihnea Tufis (Actialuna)
  • Ron Severdia (Metrodigi)


Anyone who belongs to a member organization of the IDPF may join the Working Group. For information on joining the IDPF, please refer to

Now that work on the specifications has completed, new members are not being accepted.



Please direct general inquiries about the working group, such as how to join, to Markus Gylling (

For general questions about the specifications, such as how to create content that conforms to them, please use the IDPF forums.

Reporting Issues

The working group's preferred method for reporting bugs in the specifications is the github issue tracker.

IDPF members may also raise issues on the EPUB working group's mailing list. Please use the prefix "[AHL]" at the start of your email subject line.

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