Open Annotation in EPUB

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This project seeks to define how to apply Open Annotations in the context of EPUB, thereby enabling users and service providers to utilize a non-proprietary representation of annotation data.


The Open Annotation in EPUB specification is being developed under the charter of the EPUB 3 Working Group.



The profile reached Draft Specification status on July 23, 2015.

Future Milestones

The next projected milestone is publication as a Proposed Specification in the Fall of 2015.

The profile is expected to reach Recommendation in 2016.

Adoption Readiness Roadmap

An adoption readiness roadmap will be published after the specification reaches Proposed Specification status.




Teleconference calls are held weekly on Wednesdays at 22UTC during periods of active development.

Note: Teleconefereces are currently suspended.

Archived meeting minutes are available.



  • Rob Sanderson (Invited Expert)
  • Markus Gylling, International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)

Working Group

  • Cho, Yong-Sang (KERIS)
  • Chow, King-Wai (ASTRI (Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute))
  • Deltour, Romain (DAISY Consortium)
  • Gylling, Markus (International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF))
  • Ikeuchi, Yasuki (ACCESS)
  • Koike, Toshiaki (Voyager Japan)
  • Murata, Makoto (JEPA EPUB Study Group)
  • Tamura, Yasu (Sophia Univ.)
  • Tufiș, Mihnea (LIP6)
  • Weck, Daniel (DAISY Consortium)
  • Ciccarese, Paolo
  • Garrish, Matt
  • Sanderson, Rob


Anyone who belongs to a member organization of the IDPF may join the EPUB Working Group. For information on joining the IDPF, please refer to

Now that work on the specification has started, please first contact the chairs to join working group calls and participate in development.



Please direct general inquiries about the working group, such as how to join, to Markus Gylling (

For general questions about Open Annotation in EPUB, such as what it is or how to create content that conforms to it, please use the IDPF forums.

Reporting Issues

The working group's preferred method for reporting bugs in the specifications is the github issue tracker.

IDPF members may also raise issues on the EPUB working group's mailing list. Please use the prefix "[OAinEPUB]" at the start of your email subject line.

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