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ReportingResults31 Update to report index.html Dec 7, 2016
array Mark tests as dependent on HOF Jul 19, 2018
docs Add a union type to this test schema May 9, 2016
drivers New version of Saxon QT3 test suite driver Nov 17, 2011
fn Add tests for unparsed-text-available(()) Nov 6, 2018
guide Dummy change for testing purposes Mar 6, 2018
map New test for map:merge, Saxon bug 4048 Nov 23, 2018
misc Add some alternative error codes where they can be justified Sep 25, 2018
op New tests for "intersect" (exercise some potential optimisations) Nov 23, 2018
prod Add tests for type subsumption with pure and impure union types Nov 9, 2018
reports Creating initial QT3 test suite reports and the directory in which th… Dec 12, 2012
results Bug fixes Jan 17, 2017
tools Updated schema, e.g. allow extra dependencies Aug 15, 2017
xs Add a couple of test cases for astral chars in base64 input Apr 8, 2016
Overview.html a couple of tests for array:get() Nov 20, 2014 Update Apr 24, 2018
catalog-schema.xsd Fix a spelling mistake in a comment Oct 26, 2017
catalog.xml Add JSON tests Aug 1, 2018
changes.xml Reinstate fn:transform as change category Mar 20, 2017
fots.iml Initial creation of the QT3 (XQuery, XPath, XSLT 3.*) test suite Jul 28, 2011
xml.xsd Initial creation of the QT3 (XQuery, XPath, XSLT 3.*) test suite Jul 28, 2011
xsd.xsl Improve schema documentation Aug 11, 2011


This repository contains around 30,000 tests for XPath and XQuery, developed by the W3C XQuery and XSLT Working Groups.

The tests cover XPath 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1, and XQuery 1.0, 3.0, and 3.1.

There is metadata with each test to indicate its dependencies (which language versions and optional language features it requires), and its required environment (resources such as source XML files).

The metadata also defines the expected results of each test, as a set of one or more assertions.

The test suite does not include test drivers for particular XQuery implementations.

Further information about the test suite is available in various documents in the "guide" directory.