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Add nextHopProtocol HTTP/0.9 and 1.0. Link to QUIC

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yoavweiss committed May 18, 2018
1 parent 0b6e799 commit 95339a2740a9220f548ca40ebfdb98e48cbde086
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@@ -455,7 +455,10 @@ <h3>The <dfn>PerformanceResourceTiming</dfn> Interface</h3>
or local resources, return an empty string. The registry for
protocol identifiers lists the possible values for the <a href=
ALPN Protocol IDs</a>. When a proxy is configured, if a tunnel
ALPN Protocol IDs</a>. For the HTTP/0.9 and HTTP/1.0 network protocols, which are not
defined in the ALPN Protocol ID registry, user agents MAY return "http/0.9" and
"http/1.0" respectively.
When a proxy is configured, if a tunnel
connection is established then this attribute MUST return the ALPN
Protocol ID of the tunneled protocol, otherwise it MUST return the
ALPN Protocol ID of the first hop to the proxy. In order to have
@@ -464,6 +467,9 @@ <h3>The <dfn>PerformanceResourceTiming</dfn> Interface</h3>
be percent-encoded if they are valid token characters except "%",
and when using percent-encoding, uppercase hex digits MUST be
<p class=note>The "hq" ALPN ID is defined for the QUIC protocol in the <a
href="">HTTP over QUIC Internet Draft</a>.
<p>Note that the <a data-link-for=
"PerformanceResourceTiming">nextHopProtocol</a> attribute is
intended to identify the network protocol in use for the fetch

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