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ReSpec is a tool that makes writing specifications easier. ReSpec handles things like styling, referential integrity, bibliographical data, and other mundane tasks.

User's guide

A detailed user's guide is available.

If you want to hack on ReSpec, we also have a Developers Guide.

Getting up and running

All you need is a HTML Document and to set some configuration options. Each configuration option is documented in this Wiki.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset='utf-8'>
    <title>Replace me with a real title</title>
    <script class='remove'>
      var respecConfig = {
        specStatus: "ED",
        editors: [{
          name: "Your Name",
          url: "http://your-site.com",
        github: "http://github.com/w3c/some-spec",
        shortName: "dahut"
    <section id='abstract'>
        This is required.
    <section id='sotd'>
        This is required.
    <section data-dfn-for="Foo">
      <h2><dfn>Foo</dfn> interface</h2>
      <pre class="idl">
      interface Foo {
        attribute Bar bar;
        void doTheFoo();
     <p>The <a>Foo</a> interface is nice. Lets you do stuff.</p>
     <p>The <dfn>bar</dfn> attribute, returns 🍺.</p>
     <p>The <dfn>doTheFoo()</dfn> method, returns nothing.</p>

Getting Support

The official support channel for ReSpec is spec-prod@w3.org. The mailing list archives are available. You can subscribe by sending email to spec-prod-request@w3.org with "subscribe" as the subject line.