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Adds a Can I Use support table in the document header.

var respecConfig = {
  caniuse: "payment-request",
var respecConfig = {
  caniuse: {
    feature: "payment-request",
    browsers: ["chrome", "safari"],

Note: This feature is only available in "live" Editor's Drafts. Because this feature relies on JavaScript, it's not exported out when a document is saved as HTML. In exported document, the table is replaced by a link to

Configuration Options:

(required) Can I Use feature key
Array of browsers to show support for. Default is set automatically if missing and will change over time to best represent the browser market.
Supported Values:
  • and_chr - Chrome (Android)
  • and_ff - Firefox (Android)
  • and_uc - UC Browser (Android)
  • android - Android
  • bb - Blackberry
  • chrome - Chrome
  • edge - Edge
  • firefox - Firefox
  • ie - IE
  • ios_saf - Safari (iOS)
  • op_mini - Opera Mini
  • op_mob - Opera Mobile
  • opera - Opera
  • safari - Safari
  • samsung - Samsung Internet
versions (Deprecated)
Number of browser versions to show
Default: 4
Cache duration (in ms).
Set to 0 to get fresh data each on each request.
Default: 86400000 // 24 hours