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"Leveled" specs are generally specs that build on each other in a backwards compatible way. They generally include the text from each previous level. This is used a lot by the W3C's CSS Working Group.

Note: Refrain using a level unless you've considered all the implications of doing so. Levels can be very hard to maintain, specially if levels are evolving concurrently.

The level configuration options automatically appends the level to your spec’s title and shortName. The level is an integer value greater than or equal to 0.

var respecConfig = {
  level: 2,
  shortName: "payment-request",

Which results in:

  • Level 2 is appended to the title, so Payment Request Level 2.
  • The short-name becomes payment-request-2.

Which would render as, for example:

Screenshot 2020-02-21 18 54 02