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no unused vars

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Enable this lint rule to get a warning if a variable is defined but not used. The first use of variable (<var>) is considered its definition. Only unused variables in sections that contain a <ol class="algorithm"></ol> are reported.

For example:

<section id="foo">
  <p>|varA| is defined here.</p>
  <ol class="algorithm">
    <li>|varA| is used here.</li>
    <li>|varB| is unused.</li>
    <li>|varC| is not unused as it's used again as |varC|.</li>

You'll receive a warning pointing you to the unused <var>s.

var respecConfig = {
  lint: {
    "no-unused-vars": true,

data-ignore-unused attribute

To ignore warning on per-variable basis, add a data-ignore-unused attribute to <var> as:

<var data-ignore-unused>someUnusedVar</var> is unused, but warning is ignored.

Note that the |someVar| shorthand does not support this attribute.