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Specifications can be given a status (e.g. a Working Draft, an Unofficial document, etc). However, what that status means is up to the publisher, or standards body, that is publishing the specification.

var respecConfig = {
  specStatus: "unofficial",
Default Status
Value Meaning Must also include
base (default) Just the basic template, not a specification. Use this for public documentation produced by a group that has no current clear plan to be officially published. None.
unofficial An unofficial draft. Use this if you're producing a document to use styles that match those of W3C specifications, for instance to propose a new document while hosting it on your own server. Note that this automatically licenses the content under CC-BY v3.0. If you want a different copyright, you will need to set the various copyright configuration options.
  • xref (required only if linking built-in IDL types).


For W3C documents, the following status are supported.

W3C Status
Value Meaning Must also include
MO Member-Only Document. Similar to base, but for documents that need to be clearly flagged as being restricted in access to W3C Members. This is rarely, if ever, useful. None.
ED Editor's Draft. Use this for documents that are maintained in the group's own repository.
  • Note: You can exclude the "Latest Published Version" link by using latestVersion: null (See #2968 for details).
FPWD First Public Working Draft. None.
WD Working Draft.
LC Last Call Working Draft.
LD Living Document.
LS Living Standard.
CR Candidate Recommendation.
CRD Candidate Recommendation Draft. Same as CR above.
PR Proposed Recommendation.
PER Proposed Edited Recommendation.
REC Recommendation.
RSCND Rescinded Recommendation.
STMT Statement.
DNOTE Draft Group Note. None.
NOTE Group Note. None.
BG-DRAFT, BG-FINAL Business Group Draft or Final Report. None.
CG-DRAFT, CG-FINAL Community Group Draft or Final Report. None.
Member-SUBM Member Submission. Note that ReSpec uses the default W3C copyright for this, but that you are entitled to retain your own copyright instead of transferring it to W3C. Use the copyright options for this.
draft-finding Draft TAG Finding. If you are one of the Nine and working on a Finding, this is for you. Note that for findings, ReSpec currently does not support very robust SotD generation (there doesn't seem to be solid rules for what constitutes a valid Finding SotD) so you'll have to specify your own. If there are rules that could be used, please report a bug. ReSpec further assumes some conventions for finding URLs that are not consistent throughout all of the TAG's repository, specifically that all findings live in "", that the latest version is at "", and that the dated versions are at "shortName-YYYYMMDD". None.
editor-draft-finding Editor Draft TAG Finding. If you're working on a TAG document maintained on GitHub rather than in the old datedspace system, use this. None.
finding TAG Finding. Same as above, but final. None.