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title attributes

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Title attributes

Some CSS classes (ednote, example, note) use the title attribute to add text alongside the generated header.

Note that the contents of the title attribute follow regular attribute values escaping rules, and the unescaped result gets interpreted as markup. In other words, < and &lt; will be interpreted as the beginning of a start tag, and the double-escaped &amp;lt; is needed to produce the < character.

<p class="note" title="About <code>=></code> in EcmaScript">It rocks!</p>
<p class="note" title="About the &amp;lt;code&amp;gt; tag in HTML">
  It rocks too!

Would be exported as:

<div class="note">
  <div class="note-title marker">
    <span>Note: About <code>=&gt;</code> in EcmaScript</span>
  <p>It rocks!</p>

<div class="note">
  <div class="note-title marker">
    <span>Note: About the &lt;code&gt; tag in HTML</span>
  <p>It rocks too!</p>